Growing Community, Unity, & Building Connections

Growing Community, Unity, & Building Connections

Building connections is never easy on top of day-to-day operations, but this is pivotal to succeeding as an entrepreneur. Here are three ways you can connect with your stakeholders and create new connections:

  1. Be a trusted leader. Take a stand and share your honest opinions in your industry, and be a vocal advocate for others who share your same vision. The only way we can be a strong, better community as a whole is if people are willing to step up and lead as a role model. Creating valuable jobs, supporting our community and its vibrant nonprofits, and educating the public help to build trust among your stakeholders and customers.
  2. Amplify other leaders’ voices. In the cannabis industry, we are fortunate to have strong organizations like the CCC and the MassCBA to remove barriers, fight stigma and bring cannabis into the mainstream. Join up with leaders to amplify your industry’s voice and share your own experience, mentorship and opinions in a productive and constructive way. Be mindful to especially amplify voices of those who are disadvantaged as well – veterans, BIPOC entrepreneurs, Social Equity and Economic Empowerment applicants, and others who need support.
  3. Keep unity at the core. Every day, entrepreneurs everywhere are “grinding it out” to stay viable but no one business owner is alone. We are working hard to collaborate in terms of education, social responsibility and even customer referrals – a rising tide lifts all ships. Unifying our industry, company and community is our “why”.
  4. Get out there. Get involved.  Whether you partake in some form of a regular industry event, philanthropy, social club and/or related recreational activity, spend time in the community.  The Cannabis industry will overwhelm even the most disciplined operators.  Cannabis is a lifestyle, and it will consume every minute of your day.  Take time to smell the flowers (pun intended!).

On 4/20, we are reminded how grateful we are to be in the cannabis industry in both Worcester and Northampton. We are grateful for the Resinate family and we hope our energy and passion for our industry, and helping others, is truly inspiring.  We will continue to build events and promotions that reward and celebrate loyal customers. We strive to become better and more unified in our approach as local owners/operators. Unity is at the core of who we are.

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