Relax, Reflect, Rejoice, And Release With Resinate's Brands of Cannabis Products!

Resinate - Flower & Pre-Rolls

Take the high road with the best flower around Resinate flower is grown with expert care in Douglas Massachusetts. Our flower offerings are curated by our top notch grow team from seed to sale. Ensuring a consistent quality from all of our strains. We take pride in the diverse range of strains we grow from our rare boutique strains ie: Jigglers to our legacy classics such as Blue Dream. We continue to hunt some of the most unique strains available to ensure new and exciting offerings for our customers. Our pre-rolls are 100% ground buds. No shake or trim. Hand trimmed and packaged.



Take the High road to discover the best flower you can experience


Trees Co - Flower

Our Trees burn in any weather

Quality cannabis flower at an affordable price, Trees Co., is a brand that offers a the great Resinate genetics, grown with care and passion, at a lower price without compromising quality. Whether you need to relax, energize, create, or connect, Trees Co has a flower for you.  Enjoy the smooth smoke and potent effects. Trees Co is the best choice for budget-friendly buds that don’t compromise on quality.


Trees Co.

Enjoy the quality of great cannabis genetics, lovingly cultivated and reasonably priced.

Happy Hour - Flower

Let The Good Times Roll with our larger quantity format for experienced flower consumers

Our high-value cannabis flower brand, perfect for experienced consumers who seek larger quantities at unbeatable prices. Our buds come from the same superior genetics as our other brands, providing great value by offering it in larger formats. Whether you prefer to roll joints, blunts or otherwise, our buds deliver a satisfying experience every time. With a variety of strains to choose from, each with its unique aroma, flavor, and effects, our brand promises to meet your cannabis needs without breaking the bank.


Happy Hour

Let the good times roll with our larger quantity format for experienced flower consumers

Cappachino Flower, Pre-Rolls & Vapes

Premium Flower, Pre-Rolls & Vapes

Embrace your creativity! Introducing CAPPACHINO, Resinate’s hot new collaboration with Cappadonna of the Wu-Tang Clan. Available in flower and PRJ, Cappachino is a complex indica-leaning hybrid that delivers a delicious fruity aroma and flavor, and can provide a creative, uplifting feeling reflecting Cappadonna’s own musical creative artistry. Cappachino’s aroma is earthy and herbal with a citrus overtone and a spicier taste as you start to burn. Lighten your mood with a light of Cappachino.



Embrace your creativity!



Light up the night with Glow Stick Infused Prerolls!

Why settle for ordinary when you can glow extraordinary? With Glow Sticks, you’ll experience the perfect combination of premium flower and a top-notch diamond or bubble hash infusion, resulting in a smooth and potent smoking adventure that will leave you mesmerized. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that each Glow Stick is a masterpiece, delivering an unforgettable session every time. 

Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day, spark up a memorable gathering, or simply treat yourself to an extraordinary smoke, Glow Sticks are here to illuminate your world.


Glow Stick

All natural premium cannabis Bubble hash or Diamond infused 


Replay - Fruit Terpene Vape

Citrus Splash • Watermelon Sugar • Passion Fruit • Tropical Storm • Purple Skunk • Grape Gruntz

Replay offers a wide range of  flavors to cater to every palate. From sweet Watermelon Sugar to refreshing and citrusy splash, our fruit-flavored cannabis vape line is the perfect accompaniment to your gaming sessions. With Replay, you can choose from a variety of delicious flavors to enhance your gaming experience and make it truly memorable.



Level up your gaming experience


RAVE - Concentrates & Vapes

Rosin • Wax • Shatter • Badder • Sugar • Sauce • Live Resin

Rave By Resinate concentrates are like no other. There’s certainly an art to the way we cultivate, but when it comes to concentrates, we’re all in on the science. We’ve infused big thinking in our small-batch approach to developing shatter, wax, oil, and rosin, to name a few. We freeze and then process live flower immediately after harvest to retain plant profiles and our extraction process is gentle by design to keep those properties intact. We’re even propelling our budding industry forward by combining cannabinoids with hand-selected terpenes to complement their effects, delivering aromas and experiences you can’t find anywhere else.


Rave Concentrates

Experience the essence of cannabis like never before.


REMIX - Chocolates

Milk Chocolate • White Chocolate • Dark Chocolate

We created Remix by starting with a local, legendary New England chocolatier’s family recipe made right in central Mass and mixing it with our own premium live resin in handcrafted, small batches.​ By using fresh frozen cannabis the full integrity of the plant is preserved and may deliver a more complex experience.

Remix by Resinate is a luxurious, creamy treat available in Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate and limited-edition flavor mash-up varieties mixing in potato chips, pistachios, and cookies with our craft chocolates!



Sooth into these luscious chocolates!


Smokiez - Gummies


Smokiez Edibles Gummies -Enjoy the delicious flavor of fresh picked fruit straight from the plant.   These delicious Gummies are a tasty and satisfying way for your customers to medicate! They are also Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy-Free, and contain No High Fructose Corn Syrup. Each of our mouth watering Gummies are made with our high clarity cannabis distillate for great taste. There are 10 pieces per package.



Freshly picked fruit flavors for a memorable taste & experience.


Wynk - Drinks

Juicy Mango • Black Cherry • Lime Twist

A new way to unwind! WYNK’s THC-infused seltzers come in smaller, 8.4 fl oz cans. This makes them crushable and enjoyable without being overwhelming. They contain both THC and CBD, which lends to a more relaxed feeling than other THC-infused drinks that might only contain THC. A microdose of relaxation, sans hangover. Drink up, chill out, and expect a light buzz in about 10-15 minutes. Refreshing all natural flavors, sparkling with the essence of tempting fruit.



Balanced light and social cannabis infused seltzers