About Resinate - Medical Delivery

Cannabis Dispensary located near Worcester, MA

Our Mission

Resinate – Medical Delivery strives to provide its customers with quality products at a competitive price. Let our courteous and knowledgable staff help you find the cannabis products to suit your needs. Browse our online menu and place an order for pick up at our dispensary.


Education and customer choice are what makes Resinate – Medical Delivery stand apart from other MA dispensaries. We provide everything you need in order to make the proper choice of cannabis specifically for your needs. Here at Resinate – Medical Delivery we are passionate about being part of the inclusive Worcester cannabis community, and we are excited for you to join us on our mission.


We started out as a small, dedicated team of cannabis cultivators with one lofty goal: to build a brand from scratch that brings out the absolute best in every plant we grow. 

With backgrounds in horticulture, chemistry, academics and biosystems engineering, our tight-knit crew draws on a wide range of applied experience, but at the center of it, we all have a deep passion and respect for the plant that brought us together. 

We take pride in the brand we’ve grown. It shines through in every high-quality product we deliver. So whether you’re looking to tap into your own creativity, start a great conversation.