Meet Glenn Swanson: Our New Dynamic and Expert Lab Director with Over 10 Years of Experience

Meet Glenn Swanson: Our New Dynamic and Expert Lab Director with Over 10 Years of Experience

At Resinate, we’re all about quality and innovation, and it’s our people who make that possible. We’re thrilled to welcome Glenn Swanson as our new Director of Lab Operations. Glenn has over ten years of practical experience in the cannabis extraction sector and a real enthusiasm for the craft. His journey has been distinguished by a great respect in the cannabis industry and an uncompromising commitment to quality, both of which now perfectly align with our ideals and future goals.

A Journey of Glenn Swanson

The story is all about enthusiasm, invention, and a thorough quest. It all started back in 2013, with a goal to recreate beautiful photographs of the shatter on Instagram. These inspired him, but again, they emphasized what most local market offerings were: poor. Glenn began his first extraction process with all essential tools and an unwavering desire to achieve better with uncompromised quality.

By 2016, Glenn had transformed from a passionate hobbyist into a commercially savvy professional cannabis extractor. His professional path in the cannabis industry began with employment in different extraction companies, during which he gained and enhanced his skills working with some of the most advanced equipment on the market.

Glenn’s professional life changed when he was relocated to Puerto Rico and began working for a hemp company as the Director of Manufacturing. Finally, the entrepreneurial calling led him to establish a consultancy firm that led to him helping clients in North America, Canada, and the Caribbean.

After years of significant travel and career variety, Glenn was ready for an assignment that would provide him both stability and the opportunity to develop something enduring. Attracted by our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation and galvanized by his long-term friendship with our Director of Cultivation at Resinate, Brian Kohl, Glenn decided to join the team.  His vast experience in the industry and passion for cannabis matches are own and adds tremendous value to this team and assist to take lead and research further in the cannbis industry.

Quality and Cleanliness at Resinate

What impressed Glenn most about Resinate was our unwavering commitment to cleanliness, purity and quality. Our state-of-the-art facilities, supported by a hardworking and skillful team, demonstrated our commitment to the craft in the cannabis industry. Our facilities represent so much more than cutting-edge technology and spotless rooms: they represent excellent standards to which we are committed. Glenn’s gratitude for having worked in this space mirrors his values—values aligned perfectly with the mission of Resinate.

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Looking Ahead with Glenn Swanson at Resinate

The addition of Glenn to the team represents an exciting step into this new chapter. With his knowledge base about the cannabis and innovative style, we are perfectly positioned to take our lab operations to unprecedented levels. Glenn’s knowledge will be demonstrated in further blog posts and social media platforms relating to information on cannabis extraction with quality. These writings can provide insight into the science and art of extraction, yielding knowledge not only practical but valuable for enthusiasts and professionals in the field.

Glenn Swanson Glenn Swanson - Director Lab at Resinate

Please join us in welcoming Glenn to the Resinate family. His addition to Resinate is not a job transfer but a coming back home; his belief in the mission and its commitment to excellence ensures that we drive our laboratory operation up to new heights. With Glenn’s participation, we can continue striving for the highest quality and innovation in the cannabis industry.


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