Sour Berry Blue


  • Sour Berry Blue is the delicious offspring of Alpha Blue x Sour Strawberry. This strain’s fruity, berry flavor comes from Blueberry and Strawberry ancestry, which calms, and NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel heritage, which energizes. A tasty hybrid strain is the result. Users claim it to be helpful in relieving anxiety without causing couch lock, leaving your mind calmer than many Diesel strains. Its potency and longevity make Sour Berry Blue a marvel for those seeking calm and tranquility without sacrificing inspiration. Take note, fans of Strawberry Kush and Bubble Gum!

Strain Type

  • Hybrid


  • Boulder Colorado based breeder, The Farm


  • Alpha Blue X Sour Strawberry

Dominant Terpenes

  • Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Myrcene, D-Limonene


  • Berries, sour, sweet


  • Sour, berry smoothie, earth


  • Uplifting, relaxation without couch-lock


  • May relieve anxiety

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