Resinate Rave Concentrates

RAVE Concentrates

Rosin • Wax • Shatter • Badder • Sugar • Sauce

by Resinate

RAVE is our line of premium concentrates for cannabis connoisseurs.

It is available in a range of concentrates and carts made in small batches using advanced technical processes in our lab specific to each extraction type, using premium Resinate flower to create perfect concentrates that are savory while providing an impactful experience.

We freeze and then process the live flower immediately after harvest to retain the natural plant profiles.  Our extraction process is gentle by design to keep properties intact.  We are even propelling our budding industry forward by combining cannabinoids with hand-selected terpenes to complement their effects, delivering aromas and experiences you cannot find anywhere else.

Shop RAVE concentrates now! Place your order for pick up at your favorite dispensary. Also available for delivery for medical patients.

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We started out as a small, dedicated team of cannabis cultivators with one lofty goal: to build a brand from scratch that brings out the absolute best in every plant we grow. With backgrounds in horticulture, chemistry, academics and biosystems engineering, our tight-knit crew draws on a wide range of applied experience, but at the center of it, we all have a deep passion and respect for the plant that brought us.