Resiante Flower & Pre-Rolls

Resinate Flower & Pre-Rolls

Take the high road with the best flower around

Resinate flower is grown with expert care in Douglas Massachusetts.

Our flower offerings are curated by our top notch grow team from seed to sale. Ensuring a consistent quality from all of our strains. We take pride in the diverse range of strains we grow from our rare boutique strains ie: Jigglers to our legacy classics such as Blue Dream. We continue to hunt some of the most unique strains available to ensure new and exciting offerings for our customers. Our pre-rolls are 100% ground buds. No shake or trim. Hand trimmed and packaged.


Formats & Sizes

Flower &


Maximum size buds of the highest terpene & cannabinoid content. Hand selected for test results, smell, consistency, taste and look.

Same great genetics in a 1 gram pre-roll format. Perfectly packed for a consistently good pull.


Same great genetics in mylar bags that offer different quantities like 3.5 & 7 grams.

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