Rave Concentrates & vapes

Rave Concentrates & Vapes

Experience the essence of Cannabis Like never before

Rave By Resinate concentrates are like no other. There’s certainly an art to the way we cultivate, but when it comes to concentrates, we’re all in on the science. We’ve infused big thinking in our small-batch approach to developing shatter, wax, oil, and rosin, to name a few. We freeze and then process live flower immediately after harvest to retain plant profiles and our extraction process is gentle by design to keep those properties intact. We’re even propelling our budding industry forward by combining cannabinoids with hand-selected terpenes to complement their effects, delivering aromas and experiences you can’t find anywhere else.

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Concentrates & Vapes

It is available in a range of concentrates and carts made in small batches using advanced technical processes in our lab specific to each extraction type, using premium Resinate flower to create perfect concentrates that are savory while providing an impactful experience.

Our Line of Vapes with Live Resin or distillate and botanical terpenes. A smooth great testing experience.

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Live Diamonds

Live Sauce

Live Wax

Live Sugar

Live Bubble Hash

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Live Resin Vapes

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