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RAVE 510 Cartridge

By: Resinate

Why C Cell?

Their Technology is the most reliable and consistent ceramic heating element in the market. This invention has not only become the industry standard but has revolutionized the vaping industry today. The advanced absorption enables CCELL cartridges to handle the purest and most viscous oils made!

They wanted to stand apart from the competition, so they specially designed their products to replace conventional wick based coils which are known to come with uneven heat distribution, and lower quality heating process and a burnt taste. Each product has been optimized to absorb and vaporize high viscosity extracted oil more efficiently and effectively for the end-user.


Find your spark with RAVE BY RESINATE cannabis cartridge. We create our carts in small batches using distillate from Resinate flower and formulate with the perfect percentage of terpenes for a savory and impactful experience. The CCell cartridges provide the safest and purest taste for the consumer.


Live Resin Products that are extracted from ‘live’ fresh frozen biomass.

High Terpene Extract (HTE) is our unique process where we allow THCA crystals to separate from the crude oil, resulting in an extract that has a slightly lower TAC but more of the flavorful terpene profile from that particular strain.

Our Rosin Carts are made from solventless, ice water- extracted bubble hash = no chemicals what-so-ever used which results in a flavor and experience closest to the strain from which they were extracted. Light up your life with a little RAVE.

Shop RAVE 510 Carts now! Place your order for pick up at your favorite dispensary.

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